How to peel a peach

In case you didn’t know how easy this was, now you do. Mind blowing stuff, I tell ya.

IMG_3142 IMG_3144 IMG_3146

Then you git yer hands all slimy and push their skins off.


If the skins don’t slide right off, repeat the process. This works for tomatoes, too. Not that there have been ANY tomatoes this year. ::pout::

Jam Night #1

I have this friend. His name is Jacob.


He is one of my best friends. Through the years we’ve discovered that each other is awesome in a unique but very complimentary sort of way and it’s been lovely. The other day I got a Facebook invite that simply told us recipients, “Bring your instruments. Let’s have some beverages and play some music.” A few days later his wall post asked, “Can anyone play the harmonica?” Then shortly after he updated the event wall with, “We have a confirmed cellist.”

This was getting exciting for a Friday night in my world.

Young Jacob (his very unnickname from me) was the only soul I knew at the jam. But I packed up my horribly out of tune guitar and my camera. There were several hiccups in my planning. The largest was I hadn’t played my guitar in a year. Also, my flash’s batteries were dead, dead, dead.

Oh well. I remind you again, The Video.

I met some interesting people.

IMG_3074 IMG_3079

I met some interesting dogs.

IMG_3070 IMG_3081

Indeed there was a cellist. And a singer/songwriter/science teacher. And many other musicians, wannabe musicians and just people who came for a good time. Beers were drank, cajons were thumped and songs were sang. Dreams came true. It was beautiful.



I totally meant for this pic to look like that. Way, way on purpose.

Downloading last night’s cookout pics from my camera. Suddenly remember why I wanted to run this morning. Also, if you saw me eat any of that dip, it wasn’t me. I also didn’t eat the kielbasa. With cheese.

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