Let’s talk about Patty Griffin

It’s more than challenging to talk about how I love Patty Griffin. A few years ago I made some new friends and happen to discover that they were rabid Patty Griffin fans. And with one exception, the only people (up until that point) I’ve met who had even heard of her. They all know the all the words to all the songs and I’d even bet that their partners know more words and songs than I do.

Yet, she’s my favorite.

Perhaps I burned myself out on 1,000 Kisses? That wasn’t my first Patty album discovery. I found her all out of order and hopscotched all over her catalogue. Kind of how I’m going to hopscotch over this post. My first listen was Up To The Mountain, a song I caught on XM Radio, waaaay back in the day. I was transfixed. Joy sprung forth from my heart as I realized she had quite a catalog to explore.

(Don’t you just love that? First-time discovering an artist who has been around a while and theres albums and albums for your listening pleasure?)

Downloading began and I found I connected most with at the time was Children Running Through and 1,000 Kisses. Whew, boy. That last one is a doozy. The songs are so visual and visceral. In fact, I had to put 1,000 Kisses away for a couple of years after it carried me through some of the worst times of my life. I could hear all of my own sadness in her songs. Because they were my songs. My wooby. I can thoroughly enjoy them again nowadays and even though they remind me of that time, it’s more like a faded scar than a gaping wound.

Today I woke up in a bad spot. I’m in the middle of a nutritional detox and my easy coping tools are on a shelf right now. I can’t slather some tahini on a toasted piece of artisan bread and chew my way through the difficult times I’m in. I can’t pop a cork and have a couple of glasses keep me company with my worries. Nope, I’ve got to Deal With Things. Yesterday was difficult and today when I awoke, that monster was still sitting on my chest. After I flipped out on a tailgater this morning, pulled into the parking lot of my office building and cried for 10 minutes, I figured I needed to act quickly if I wanted to salvage the day. I want to be successful with my detox and only one vice would be able to help me. Music. Patty!

I started with Living With Ghosts then proceeded through Impossible Dream and came to rest at 1,000 Kisses. And now I’m *this close* to quitting life to runaway with my guitar that I don’t know how to play. Minor detail.

268238_10150676436435322_6195430_nOne time I even got to meet her. I may have cried just a little (and told her I loved her….and meant it), but I think that’s fair. Her music is what helped me heal myself all those years ago and it sure as heck got me through today.


Let’s talk about Kitchen No. 324 in Oklahoma City

So, for the last 6 to 8 weeks I’ve been totally owned by a new restaurant in downtown Oklahoma City called Kitchen No. 324. I mean, OWNED.

I work for A Good Egg Dining Group, the company that designed and operates the restaurant. Not only do I work for them, I orchestrate their public relations (and marketing, advertising, social media, etc…). I do other stuff as needed and during restaurant openings, I tend to help get all the folks there for the soft opening. Then as they are enjoying their experience, I take photos and tweet the bejeezus out of the event. And Facebook, of course. It’s a gift. Here are some of my favorite pics from the last month.

When you walk in the door you see this, our glorious visual menu.

Then you walk to the right and order.

Once you’ve paid and got your table number you turn, walk past the open kitchen and find a table somewhere in here.

Seating is nearly community seating style. That’s on purpose. We’re a community, y’all! What better way to get acquainted then to share a meal! But, it is still separate…in case you need your space. Oh, look! Here’s a table…

From here I can sip my tea…

Or we have kick-ass Coffee Curators if you are into that sort of thing…

And wait for your food. If it’s breakfast time, these might land on your table…


This is how I do the yogurt.


I have eaten them all. I have died a thousand tiny deaths as I ate them all. Sometimes daily, which is why I’m eating like this right now.

That meal is also something I cobbled together from Kitchen No. 324. It was my breakfast yesterday: avocado, roasted brussels sprouts with hazelnuts, shaved asparagus and arugula with preserved lemon vinaigrette and green tea. And the book behind the detoxing madness, Clean by Alejandro Junger, M.D. All sold at Kitchen No. 324.

And if you happen to be having lunch, this could be headed to your table…



FRESH salads!

Braised short ribs from @kitchen324. #potroaststyle

Which is to say there are lots of salads, braises and sandwiches on the lunch menu. So many. But maybe you are in a super hurry and just want “a little something”? Skip the main ordering line and pop over to the coffee counter. You can get any kind of nerdy coffee you want and one of these…


My favorite thing by far about Kitchen No. 324 is the people I’ve encountered. It’s rare for me to spend a ton of time at the actual restaurants. I’m mostly at the home office on my computer. But when a restaurant opens I get to be alongside our stellar staff and management team, who are a real treat to see in action.



And then there’s the public. Lots of beautiful faces of friends, employees at different restaurants in the company and brand-new regulars.


And hooligans.

Kitchen No. 324 is located at 324 N. Robinson in downtown Oklahoma City. A Good Egg Dining Group didn’t sponsor this post but they do sponsor my paycheck every two weeks and give me lots of food. I think that’s deserving of a post. 🙂

Hoping this trend continues

Terribly relevant table marker for today's lunch with @tzeeck.

I have a friend who says The Universe is handing out things right now. Handing out things on a silver platter. She had a lot of wants come to fruition in a nearly poetic manner early this week and over veggie stacked enchiladas, she forced me to write a list of 5 vague, non-action-oriented things I wanted this year so The Universe could provide for me, too. I could only think of 4. I mean, I have the Mighty Life List and I have my 5 things from Camp Mighty, but I wanted this to be different. This list contains delicious, languorously worded, vague items I want with no clear path on how to get them…which is nice. I don’t have the pressure to achieve these wants, they are the Flame and I am the Moth. I just sit back and be drawn to them however The Universe see’s fit. Or not. Whatever.

I love her.

In an act of pre-destiny, I ended up having tons more lunches, coffees, drinks and networking events this week than usual. I somehow put myself in front of good, interesting people and making good, interesting conversation. More of all of the above is planned, too, and SXSW, the mothership of good, interesting conversation and people, is pulling me closer and closer.

I’m starting to get excited about 2013. I hope this is a trend.

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