Welcome to 2016

The last several days my Timehop has replayed messages from years past where I exclaim to the world that what I just had was the best birthday ever — hands down. It’s surprising. The near dormant snark-a-holic in me still rolls her eyes and says, “They can’t ALL have been that great.” But, you know what? My 40th birthday was SO COMPLETELY GREAT. A big part of the greatness is the endless stream of texts, phone calls and social media posts congratulating me on another ride around the sun. They might say “Happy Birthday” but how my brain interprets is “You are neat!” and “I love you so very much!” or whatever is appropriate depending on the author. Then my heart sends that sweet vibration back to their heart so I get to be loved and give love, even if only in a blink. Those hundreds of blinks add up, though, and this year’s digital birthday was so very blinky. Twinkly, even.

The offline birthday was even more delightful. My kids were home in the morning. I counseled a client later that day then had sushi with a dear friend. Another friend gifted me an evening in the Plaza District where I hugged plenty, kissed many and experienced lotsa merriment. I wore a new dress and a traveling tiara. I laughed and laughed and laughed. It was a fucking great birthday.

So here we are at the Monday after the New Year — the real MVP. It’s when the majority of us go back to work and school. It’s when even the stragglers look at that lingering holiday pie in the fridge, sigh, and realize that it’s long past time to consider pie a proper breakfast. Some make resolutions, others make goals. The bristly non-conformists roll their eyes and denounce all of the above but I have to imagine even they clear their throats, straighten their invisible ties and greet the fresh year in their own way.

I’ve made resolutions in years past and they worked. This year I’ve a list of goals to enhance my professional success and keep me who I am in my personal life (but with a whisper of betterment). Sitting here, trying to shift out of the holiday mode and into the solid path of 2016, I know what I want more than anything else. What I want is more of in 2016 is that great, twinkly love. I wanna give it, I wanna get it. Let’s do this new year thing, y’all. <3

A thoughtful illustration (NSFW)

This week one of my friends reported he’d commissioned an illustration for me whilst hanging around Reddit. A banjo(y) of sorts. This is my favorite instrument and I love them so very, very much. He thought he’d be funny and have the ultimate banjo drawn. I’ll update this post later once I know the name of the artist, because it is actually clever and well done. But… graphic and profane. 

If you are easily offended, please don’t read further.

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Sub Tweeting Swag

Years ago, perhaps 5, my friend Lanie began tweeting a certain thing when she had something to say that she could not say. Rather than opt for the vague tweet “You know, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” or whatever, she’d lay this thing down: 

Type, type, type. Delete, delete, delete.

My god, I thought, this woman is a genius. Around that time I was going through several major life changes (divorce, dating, job changes) and had PLENTY to tweet about that I absolutely should not tweet about. I, too, began laying this thing down:

Type, type, type. Delete, delete, delete.

 And I really did do this. I used the message any time I started to type, then back up, then retype, then back up. It was cathartic. It was silly. It was intriguing…someone always asked what it was about. 

Eventually, life got busy. In extreme situations, whether I was strung out with a hectic time or a frustrating situation, I transitioned to:


And so it went.

About a year ago, maybe, my friend Mark tweeted at us TTT,DDDers that we could also call write it like: 


Leave it to the trained architect to math it up for all us twitter nerds. Later in the conversation someone (him? Lanie? Someone else?) mentioned it might make a great t-shirt. 

And now it *is* a t-shirt! There’s this dark grey one with white letters and a green one whose white letters mysteriously became Twitter Blue after a day or so. A sign? Certainly.

They are $20 each and range in size from XS to XXL. For $5 I will put it in a padded envelope or little box and ship it anywhere in the U.S. I have a strong suspicion that this will be our only run of these as my very short attention span is already cooking up a completely different t-shirt design.

Please buy my shirt. I’ve got four hungry children** and a crop in the field.

Here’s where you buy the shirt!!




**I have two children who are well-fed and two house plants who have survived 15 months in my care. 

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