A love note from me to you, pretty lady.

Do you need a love note? Here you go. I found this lovey quote online this afternoon and decided to turn it into a quick graphic. 

Red Poster

Sub Tweeting Swag

Years ago, perhaps 5, my friend Lanie began tweeting a certain thing when she had something to say that she could not say. Rather than opt for the vague tweet “You know, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” or whatever, she’d lay this thing down: 

Type, type, type. Delete, delete, delete.

My god, I thought, this woman is a genius. Around that time I was going through several major life changes (divorce, dating, job changes) and had PLENTY to tweet about that I absolutely should not tweet about. I, too, began laying this thing down:

Type, type, type. Delete, delete, delete.

 And I really did do this. I used the message any time I started to type, then back up, then retype, then back up. It was cathartic. It was silly. It was intriguing…someone always asked what it was about. 

Eventually, life got busy. In extreme situations, whether I was strung out with a hectic time or a frustrating situation, I transitioned to:


And so it went.

About a year ago, maybe, my friend Mark tweeted at us TTT,DDDers that we could also call write it like: 


Leave it to the trained architect to math it up for all us twitter nerds. Later in the conversation someone (him? Lanie? Someone else?) mentioned it might make a great t-shirt. 

And now it *is* a t-shirt! There’s this dark grey one with white letters and a green one whose white letters mysteriously became Twitter Blue after a day or so. A sign? Certainly.

They are $20 each and range in size from XS to XXL. For $5 I will put it in a padded envelope or little box and ship it anywhere in the U.S. I have a strong suspicion that this will be our only run of these as my very short attention span is already cooking up a completely different t-shirt design.

Please buy my shirt. I’ve got four hungry children** and a crop in the field.

Here’s where you buy the shirt!!




**I have two children who are well-fed and two house plants who have survived 15 months in my care. 

Cataloged thoughts on Thought Catalog

Hello, Reader of Really Most Sincerely! I didn’t write this article below. I just made a bunch of comments on it. I figured it would make for easier reading to paste it all in and link back to the original. Enjoy! 

6 Reasons it’s hard to date a single mom 

I’ve heard a lot of guys talk about dating single moms. It’s becoming all the more common in today’s world. And being one it has caught my attention. So here’s 6 reasons it’s hard to date a single mom.

1. You fall in love with her kids.

I hear this over and over again. The problem is when/if you break up you still love those kids, but have no ties to them. I’ve seen relationships from 3 to 8 years where the guys will never see the kids again. And it’s not fair to the man or the kids. It’s a risk.

Sheri: I’ve made the mistake of letting past boyfriends around my kids too soon, so I don’t have a ton to disagree with on this. I lived and learned. But I can tell you that I do have an ex whose kids I still see on the regular. I’m pretty grateful I get to maintain that relationship and so are those kids.  

2. You will never be number one.

Ever. Her kids will come first every single time. Or they should. And if they don’t? You don’t have a good woman.

Sheri: And if she had no kids, then you would be her number one? How about you get a deeper sense of self? 

3. She’s busy. Really busy.

Most single mom’s have 2 full-time jobs. When they aren’t working they are out at soccer games, dance classes, or parent-teacher conferences, and let’s not start with the mom’s who are still in school themselves. Finding time to fit in a relationship can be really difficult.

Sheri: Yes she is. Because she has a rich life. You should look into that, potential suitor. What’s infuriating, though, is that this article appears to be written by a woman. If this is the kind of guy who she’s dating (a guy who is easily upset that she has a limited schedule) it is time to tighten the filters. Trust me…when a man meets a woman he really wants to date, he will date her without whining about her schedule. He will simply plan ahead, communicate and hold up his end of the relationship.

4. In good situations there’s a baby daddy.

This one is hard to admit, but it’s true. As long as the father is still a part of the child’s life you will have to deal with him. And it’s not always a bad thing, in fact it shouldn’t be, but it’s a factor when men are thinking about dating a woman with a child.

Sheri: Oh…the woman you’re dating has a past? Pro-tip: they all do, not just the ones with children. 

5. Hello to a world of responsibility.

If you have your own kids or not you are taking on the responsibility of being a good role model for this woman’s children. Doesn’t matter if the baby’s dad is in the picture or not. When you are with her and her kids you need to be responsible. You need to be a father figure.

Sheri: Ahhhhhhh! Where do I start? First, you don’t need to be around her kids for any meaningful length of time for a WHILE. And when you do (think 6 months or a year or longer), you don’t need to be a father figure. You need to be a grown ass man. And you know who also likes grown ass men? Women without children. It’s a whole thing. If you are dating someone primarily seeking a father figure, turn on your heel and walk the other way. She’s not the grown ass woman you deserve.

6. It’s hard.

Relationships are hard. They say to have a healthy marriage to wait a year before having children. Now take that and date a woman who already has kids? You are looking at an even more complicated relationship with responsibility that in the beginning a normal couple doesn’t share. Those spontaneous, romantic dates? Maybe not as likely. But here’s the thing. It can also be really rewarding. Because dating a woman with children opens your eyes to what a wonderful woman she is. 

Sheri: I agree…relationships are hard. You know what isn’t hard? A website hiring an editor. 

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