Kopecky Family Band

Sunday was a special treat.

My boyfriend, in addition to being a wine salesman, has his own radio show called Tasting Notes where he explores the connection between wine and music. There is one. No, really. More on that another time.

So, this nice leverage of having a radio show came in handy last week as he noticed that a favorite indie band was returning to the metro area near the day of his radio show. We met the Kopecky Family Band, briefly, at a previous show last month and a showcase at SXSW a couple of years ago. He tweeted them and they tweeted back. The stars aligned and he was able to have him tape a segment for his Monday night show. As a bonus, they were able to record a VDub session, too!

Forgive me, I think I’ve recently fallen for animated gifs….about ten years after everyone else.

After they rode around and did their thing, we headed into the studio to drink wine while Clayton interviews and Kopecky performed.





They were simply just the nicest people and so gracious and genuine. As soon as I can get a link to the episode I will update this post. After the taping we walked to share lunch and stories. I think I was so hungry that I forgot I had a camera with me.

The Routan Clan

Recently, we took a trip to the Wichitas and my buddy let us borrow a Volkswagen van…


No, not that one. This one:


When my boyfriend and I are together with the kids there’s a grand total of six that can only be transported in two cars. We were thrilled to borrow the Routan SE which had all sorts of bells and whistles to keep the chatter rolling all the way to Lawton. My son (age 7) was so enamored that the next time I picked him up from school after returning the Routan he had this defeated look on his face. “You took it BACK?” Yes, yes I did….just like I said I would. ūüėČ

We made the trip from OKC to Lawton in 90 mintes, give or take to enjoy a day of hiking, climbing and at least one picnic. The Wichita Wildlife Refuge did not fail to deliver.¬†Upon arriving at the base of Mt. Scott we had a quick lunch then wound up the corkscrew road to the top. My son was off in a flash,¬†recklessly¬†climbing up and jumping off of boulders. Clayton’s son was busy wandering around with his photgrapher’s eye capturing all kinds of magic. I was trying to do the same but it’s hard to focus on focusing when your focus is plunging from boulders with a giggle and a wink.

We drove around the refuge and park taking in the views of prairie dog reservess, herds of bison and  wandering longhorns. One of my favorite (and totally accidental) captures was this:


Those are my two teenage friends staring in wonder at wildlife we’d stopped to gaze upon in our travels through the nature reserve. It was just a longhorn…but he was really close and totally alone. Twas a tranquil site.

We hiked through some interesting places that I never knew existed in Oklahoma. Cannot wait to go back!¬†If I can get the other photog to send me a link I’d love to share his vantage on our day. For now, here are mine: Flickr Slideshow.

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