Hoping this trend continues

Terribly relevant table marker for today's lunch with @tzeeck.

I have a friend who says The Universe is handing out things right now. Handing out things on a silver platter. She had a lot of wants come to fruition in a nearly poetic manner early this week and over veggie stacked enchiladas, she forced me to write a list of 5 vague, non-action-oriented things I wanted this year so The Universe could provide for me, too. I could only think of 4. I mean, I have the Mighty Life List and I have my 5 things from Camp Mighty, but I wanted this to be different. This list contains delicious, languorously worded, vague items I want with no clear path on how to get them…which is nice. I don’t have the pressure to achieve these wants, they are the Flame and I am the Moth. I just sit back and be drawn to them however The Universe see’s fit. Or not. Whatever.

I love her.

In an act of pre-destiny, I ended up having tons more lunches, coffees, drinks and networking events this week than usual. I somehow put myself in front of good, interesting people and making good, interesting conversation. More of all of the above is planned, too, and SXSW, the mothership of good, interesting conversation and people, is pulling me closer and closer.

I’m starting to get excited about 2013. I hope this is a trend.

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