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Many months ago as I was living in my old house, putting things in order I had a tug to look at the little jewelry box where abandoned pieces live. I reached into the second drawer of my jewelry chest, past the old watches and stray Legos and removed a leather box. Inside is where I kept my high school class ring, my old wedding ring, some broken gold, maybe eight 50 cent pieces an elderly neighbor (Mrs. Henderson) doled out to me as a little girl and a gold/ruby bracelet that I had never really worn. All of the items were inexpensive as far as jewelry is concerned but I had plans for them. Some were keepsakes, some would be recycled and some would be sold to pay for something fun…like a new dining room table at the new house.

Notice the use of past tense?

I flipped open that hinged box and all the things I expected to see were gone. GONE.

I was shocked and saddened. I’ve never been burgled. And I’ve got other theft-worthy stuff in my house that was still there so I was certain that whoever had taken my jewelry had been let in.

I don’t let a lot of people in.

After whittling the list down to the most likely suspects, Clayton suggest I just hang back and maybe the items would reappear. Yes! Maybe I had gathered up these valuables and hidden them knowing that strangers would soon be touring my house? Or repairing my house. Or laying carpet. Any number of people. Maybe I had hidden them?! Hooray for early onset senility!

So…I lived my life. I finished painting and cleaning. I shoveled out closets and decluttered. I started and finished packing. As I worked I kept an eye out and kept my mind open. Like the time I was working in the master half bath and thought, “Oh! I bet they are hidden in that hole behind the mirror where the medicine cabinet use to be!”

Nothing ever turned up. It makes me sad. I think I know who took my dinky collection of jewelry and it makes me more sad. I bet the whole lot of it brought less than $1,000. The jewelry wasn’t worth much in the end but the cost of lost trust is great.

Silver lining: They didn’t think the amber I bought in old town Warsaw was worth stealing.

Grateful that the person who ripped me off didn't know what this was.

Audience Poll

I am torn… Clayton suggested that we schedule a Sunday Brunch and my brain went (!!!). Then he said “I really want to go to Cheever’s or something like that” and my brain said “Mmm…..biscuits.” But right after that my brain went, “OOOHH!!! Drag Brunch at the Boom!” And then my brain went, “Oh! Go to Local and enjoy the family-style brunch your brother-from-another-mother painstakingly designed!” And THEN my brain went, “Well, hell. If we’re going to new places there’s at least five popular brunches in Oklahoma City that you’ve not tried.”

Now I’m stuck. Where should we have Sunday Brunch?

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