Boy & Bear at SXSW 2014

I’m just gonna put this here…

Boy & Bear is a band from Australia I found at the 2012 SXSW, before they had more than a single EP. After that show we talked to one of the band members and he gave us a promo CD that maybe had 2 songs on it. They’ve gone on to make more music and albums. Was thrilled to catch them twice in Austin earlier this year and STOKED I caught this whole song on my iPhone. If you knew how full I keep my iPhone library you’d know what a miracle this was. 

This was filmed at On-Airstreaming Studios. Go check out their other things…they have some killer videos.

Boy & Bear can be found all over the place. Here’s there’s website for starters: Boy & Bear’s Official Website

I love the Internets

There’s a lot of stuff I share on the Internet every day. Here’s a round up of the things I most enjoyed last week by category.


  • Strong, vulnerable men. “If The Masculine has confidence without tenderness, it can turn to arrogance. And then there’s no real invitation for The Feminine to show up. And all softness with no fierceness, well that doesn’t give The Feminine a very safe resting place to unfold — and what The Feminine really, really wants to do, is unfold.” I sure like the way Danielle LaPorte says things.
  • Don’t let the shame gremlin keep you small.  “She is authentic and flawed and a glorious truth-teller who makes it possible for others to feel empowered. Her work is important. And it’s not at all what she expected her life to be about. Her work scares her. She is not comfortable with vulnerability. But, she invites it into her life and embraces it. No… she creates opportunities to practice vulnerability. And by doing that… by sharing her failures and flaws she gives us access to living, as she says, a wholehearted life.” I was wrestling hardcore shame gremlins this week. Worse than I have in a decade… seemingly out of no where. At least I knew what was happening, which is how I found this post with this great excerpt. It didn’t fix me, but it helped.



A thoughtful illustration (NSFW)

This week one of my friends reported he’d commissioned an illustration for me whilst hanging around Reddit. A banjo(y) of sorts. This is my favorite instrument and I love them so very, very much. He thought he’d be funny and have the ultimate banjo drawn. I’ll update this post later once I know the name of the artist, because it is actually clever and well done. But… graphic and profane. 

If you are easily offended, please don’t read further.

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