30 Days of Thankfulness

I thought it might be nice to round all these up from my Facebook meme. As I copy and pasted these in here I only found one missing day and one day where I accidentally posted twice. Not bad! Near the beginning of the month I asked Facebook if I should do one of these lists and thought I probably wouldn’t because they can get pretty trite. But then a friend asked me if I could really do it… with no duplicates. There was much scoffing in my head at the notion of someone having trouble coughing up 30 pieces of gratitude. Pssshaw. I could do one everyday for a year and not repeat, I said. Thus my November meme was officially born.

1. Hashtags.
2. Strangers who reach out to me on my blog who then become dear friends.
3. French rosé.
4. Free sunglasses.
5. The soundtrack to Inside Llewyn Davis. Especially track 2. Holy cow.
6. I’m thankful that thoughts become things and that I finally figured that out.
7.  I am thankful for Laura Marling.
8. We have a kick ass art scene. Soon it won’t be the best kept secret & I’ll be bragging about owning a ____ for $150.
9. I am thankful that Lyons, CO and Planet Bluegrass are in recovery.
10. …that I discovered the music genre of progressive bluegrass.
11. I am thankful for discovering This is Spinal Tap, which only gets funnier as I get older.
12. That Oklahoma finally legalized tattoos several years ago.
13. That I got Fullbright tickets today for the two nights I wanted them.
14. That I found the work of Brené Brown, Eckhart Tolle, Martha Beck and Byron Katie. The timing could not have been more perfect.
15. That I found my cowboy boots in Lyons, CO, late this summer. Again, the timing could not have been more perfect.
16. The scrapbooks of my Grandma Avis, who died before I was born. I browsed them today and met the girl who would eventually be my mother’s mother. An aunt remarked that those books were laden with things she never even knew. Pretty magical.
17. These house shows.
18. Oysters on the half shell, drizzled with mignonette, touched with horseradish, slurped and finished with a sip of bubbly wine.
19. The love I get from my friends, old and new. Y’all are rad.
20. This here business.
21.That family doesn’t need to be genetically related.
22. Numbers and signs from the Universe.
23. The nerds in my life who help me understand things. Or just plain help me. A lot of nerds crossed my path on Saturday (glorious!) and the day ended with me learning about Phi, which is still blowing my mind.
24. Weekends that slow or stop me.
25. Butter. I currently own 20lbs of it and by the weekend those golden sticks of heaven are going to be toffee. Mountains of delicious, perfect toffee.
26. This place I work. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome. Y’all think you know how great it is…but I promise you this place is 10 times better than anyone in the public realizes. It’s a family.
27. 2013 started out terribly, then life got as black as night for a brief little stint. But you know what? It got better. Then it got good. Then it got amazeballs. I’m so grateful for all the lessons I learned. I’m glad I got all the way broken because the rebuilding has been nothing short of miraculous. So thankful for this year. 28.
28.The classic Thanksgiving meal.
29. The little boy who looks like my dad’s baby pictures, loves Legos, breathes Minecraft, prefers his apples sliced and lives to charm every person he meets.
30. The young lady who believes in herself, inspired me to believe in myself, wants desperately to meet Katy Perry or Pink, begs to drink coffee, adores her friends and loves Funyuns. A lot. Just like her mama did when she was 12.

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