A tale of two dolmas

Recently, we were shopping at our favorite local asian market and stumbled upon dolmas. I stacked a few jars of these treats in the cart with a twinkle in my eye and Clayton said, “Meh… just get enough for you. I don’t like the ones in the jar.”

I scoffed and thought him to be foolish for non-fresh dolmas are all the same. Actually, jarred were probably better because canned foods are kind of evil. A few aisles down, we stumbled across the canned dolmas of the same brand. Just to be right…I put back a jar of mine so that we had one of each.

A taste test was born!


From the outside, the jar wins every day. What would you prefer? A pretty little jar full of deep green fragrant oil and lemony, creamy dolmas? Or a military-grade can of hidden-from-sight dolmas? What are you hiding in your closed up can, little dolmas?


Ewww. That’s what. Jelly, gooey, white rice starchy weirdness.



But, on the plate, we can see my jarred dolmas look darker and drier. (They were.) The canned dolmas were way creamier, more lemony and there were more dolmas in the can for the same price.

So much better that we polished off the can and put the jarred dolmas back in the fridge for someone else to enjoy. Someone who doesn’t yet know that not all dolmas are created equal.

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