A weekend of gifts

The last four days have contained an onslaught of gifts. Some were literal, like all the goodie and swag bags from attending BlogHer Food. (More on that soon.) Some gifts were emotional, like an exchange of emails from a reader of this blog. The gift of those conversations was powerful and profoundly healing. The connections I get by laying myself “out there” is nothing short of amazing and fuels my desire to continue on my path of vulnerability. Yesterday I got a soul-feeding gift, spending the afternoon swapping stories and music with a talented friend who I firmly believe is going places. As I drove home from my days in Texas, I thought about the people who gave me their time and the people to whom I gave my time. I marvel at the connectedness of it all.

Almost the minute I arrived home yesterday evening I popped over to my neighbor’s house to deliver a gift and steal a little verbal processing, which I do more often than I like to admit. After I finished she said, “You have a neat life, Sheri.” I replied, “Yep. I sure do.”

I’m incredibly grateful for this life. Things are getting much better.

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