I love the Internets

There’s a lot of stuff I share on the Internet every day. Here’s a weekly round up of the things I most enjoyed last week by category. 




  • Saved These Words by Laura Marling “You were not my curse.” So many great lines in the song. I was telling my friend Nathan a few weeks ago that I was pretty ‘meh’ on her last album. What I didn’t know was that I hadn’t heard it as I didn’t know she had one (I was referring the previous album). What a treat! 
  • All I Want by Kodaline This would have been in constant rotation 5 months ago if I’d known about it. In any case, it’s beautiful.
  • Ivory Black by Seryn I’m such a Seryn junkie right now. Absolutely cannot get enough and eagerly await the new album late this year. 
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