I love the Internets

There’s a lot of stuff I share on the Internet every day. Here’s a round up of the things I most enjoyed in the last two weeks by category. Because I usually do this weekly but I’ve been distracted lately like a mofo.


  • The craziest OkCupid date ever.  “Yet, despite my surrealist leanings, even I was a bit startled to find myself hurtling toward the Croatian border with no bags, no change of clothes and no clue what was going to happen next. What bizarre chain of events had led to this scenario?”
  • Photographer puts strangers together for intimate photos. Very moving.
  • Creative couples: Aidan and Elan. “WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR PARTNER? (Him:) That creativity is never exhausted: that it is an infinite cookie, growing larger with every bite you take from it. I believe it’s a gingersnap cookie. (Her:) Our life together has taught me about the vital tie between love and creativity, creativity and love. All growth, joy, and edifying creation come out of this spirit, and I would not be the creator I am today without him.”
  • San Francisco and Batkid. Seriously, you guys. This was the greatest thing ever. And San Francisco, enough already. We all know you’re the best, you don’t have to keep rubbing it in.
  • Case in point: Turntable’s Ultimate Food and Music Guide to San Francisco. “Dolores Park: On a sunny day, nothing beats grabbing some ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery, throwing down a blanket, and lazying the afternoon away. The Mission is one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco and the best people watching happens in Dolores Park. I love to bring a picnic, or pop by Tartine Bakery or Bi-Rite for a gourmet sandwich.” I may have gotten a little weepy upon reading this. I still can’t figure out why I wasn’t born there.


  • McSweeney’s crowdsources their 15th birthday “We’d like to raise $15. Can we exceed that goal? Can we, perhaps, reach 1,000 percent of it? 10,000, 100,000 percent? We don’t know; we were raised in simpler times, when crowds were to be avoided because we were shy, and didn’t want to get separated from one another. But we’re strong now, and tall, and excited to find out what we can achieve together.”
  • Why breakups suck. A bit of a scientific look at what happens to our bodies as they endure love’s rejection… “[T]he fMRI results of the study show that looking at a romantic rejecter and cocaine craving have several neural correlates in common. The findings are consistent with the hypothesis that romantic rejection is a specific form of addiction (Fisher 2004). The perspective that rejection in love involves subcortical reward gain/loss systems critical to survival helps to explain why feelings and behaviors related to romantic rejection are difficult to control and lends insight into the high cross-cultural rates of stalking, homicide, suicide, and clinical depression associated with rejection in love.”
  • This artist who uses human bodies as her canvas. “Her work is almost illusionary in nature, collapsing any sense depth and reduce living models into 2D pictures. “


  • My Dick on Bandcamp. Um…. pop super hits covered by My Dick. Most of the nouns in the lyrics are replaced with the words ‘my dick’. It is gloriously juvenile and perfect, much like my own sense of humor. 
  • Truth #2 by Patty Griffin. I recently swore I would stop seeing this woman in concert. I’d seen her enough. I love her and the frequent shows were starting to detract from my enjoyment of them. I said to someone (I have no idea who because I talk too much), “I’m not going to see Patty anymore. Not unless she plays somewhere crazy like The Blue Door.” Then this happened. Nice one, Universe.
  • John Fullbright for three nights at The Blue Door. The same day I heard about Patty Griffin at the Blue Door, I learned that John Fullbright would be playing three unique shows in December. It’s been a nice ticket-buying week. 
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