I love the Internets

There’s a lot of stuff I share on the Internet every day. Here’s a round up of the things I most enjoyed in the last few weeks by category. The catch-up edition, if you will. 


  •  29 signs you doing just fine even if it doesn’t feel like it. “6) You see obstacles in front of you because you are not settling. – If you settle for just anything, there wouldn’t be any obstacles in your way, but then you would never know what you are capable of either. Because your obstacles are your opportunities. Obstacles are put in your way to help you determine if what you want is really worth fighting for.” So, so many good gems.
  • Insta-therapy by Timothy Goodman. A series of Instagram posts with stylized text. But instead “Keep Calm and Whatever On” they say things like, “That nerdy girl from school is on top of her game now and there’s nothing you can do” or this one that is glorious but far too long for me to transcribe. 
  • What adoption classes didn’t tell us about raising black children. My friend Shelley Cadamy shared this never weeks ago and it’s powerful. Like, brick-in your-chest powerful. Sample: 2. Police officers might also kill your son for walking to his nana’s house while black, next to the curb instead of on the sidewalk, and then trying to explain to the officer that he is just going to see his nana. The officer might try and choke your son and then shoot him point blank, followed by several bonus shots when he tries to run.
  • Yes to Love. This is from the guy who proposed to his girlfriend in the most epic way. The Love video is just as heartfelt but in an entirely different way and makes me miss my grandparents and sister and mom and aunts and relationships I don’t even have. But in a good way. Mostly. Maybe a little wistful in with the good. 
  • Literati Press called me a patron saint.  “If you have been to an alt-country or folk show in Oklahoma, chances are you were standing next to Guyse, but didn’t know it. She believes in music, it is her church, her spiritual path. In high school, we all claimed that “music was our life”, but overtime our music collections staled and our interest in rooting out new artists faded. Few hold onto the faith, which makes music lovers like Guyse so critical to OKC’s developing landscape.”



  • My Favourite Faded Fantasy by Damien Rice The announcement that Damien Rice would be releasing a new album in November sent me right through the stratosphere. This is the first single. ::swoon:: This will be his first studio album in 8 years and I can’t wait. He gives me all the feels. 
  • Happy by John Fullbright I’m behind on “I love the Internets” so I included this. John was on Letterman. STILL so proud for these guys. And that bassist? He’s played in Sheri’s Living Room, which is so name-droppy for me to mention but I don’t care. David’s great at what he does, so very nice and deserves all life gives him. Hooray for Oklahoma! 
  • Illinois Blues by Hozier This was captured at the Newport Folk Festival. Magic.
  • In the Morning by Leif Vollebekk I cannot hear this song enough. I can’t believe that he’s playing in my living room ON MONDAY. People. ::sigh:: There are a handful of seats left to this show here: http://sherislivingroom.com/upcoming-show If you miss it, there will be a video or two released in the next month or so and you will have ALL THE SADS you missed it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
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