In the Austin bubble

I feel lucky to have found this particular rental. There was no way IN THE WORLD this single mama was forking over $200+ a night to stay at a downtown hotel. I wanted an affordable adventure and as I scoured the Internet, I found the perfect spot. 


It was billed as an Airstream, but I don’t think it was. However, it was a very cool bubble-shaped trailer situated in the backyard of a Kerville Folk Hippie. I mean that kindly as anyone I’ve ever met who was even loosely acquainted with Kerville has been an amazing human. Deborah was no exception.

The backyard had all the ammenities one would hope for. An always-on water fountain was nestled in the garden.


A patio.


Christmas lights.


A sweet kitty.


My only regret is that I didn’t hop in here.


In my defense, I didn’t bathe in the fully functioning backyard tub because my host left for Kerrville and rented out her cottage to an attractive restauranteur. He was very nice and did not deserve to accidentally arrive home while I was sunny-side-up in the backyard tub. And since we were strangers, we couldn’t yet text each other a “please don’t return for an hour, I am nude out back.” Oh well. Next time, right?

I slept with all the windows on the trailer open on the encouragement of my host. At first I was skeptical but damn was it nice to wake each morning to the sound of a bubbling fountain right outside the window and a cool morning breeze wafting across my sleepy head. She kept me stocked in organic coffee, yogurt and granola, though mostly I did this if I was home for any amount of time…


 Tomorrow I’ll tell you about running out of business cards at the very, very networky BlogHer Food and other conference shenanigans. 

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  1. Beautiful Sheri! Beautiful writing, photos and especially you.

  2. 1- you’re lookin’ hot, lady!
    2- did you find it on AirBnB? I love them. Stayed at a great place in Austin, too, but never found the gumption to stay in one of the airstreams. ๐Ÿ™‚
    3- I need to go back to Austin ASAP.

    • Yes, this is the third AirBnB stay I’ve done. I’ve yet to have a negative experience, though one of my hosts was a little quiet. The other two have been RAD. I’m kind of thinking of finding a weekend in the fall or winter to take a group to Austin. I only know what I know but thought it might be fun to house-share with some friends. The extroverts can go do things together and the introverts can wander around, but know there’s a home base with creature comforts. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. […] got to Austin the day before the conference and after settling into The Bubble, I headed over to the Tasty Kitchen party. It was a relaxing room full of awesome women who noshed […]

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