The only theme for his birthday this year was FUN.


I think that image properly describes how happy he was to turn 8. It was a splendid party. We decided rather than have the party at one parent’s house or another this year we’d find some kind of fun place in OKC near the neighborhood of his school. 

After polling Twitter and Facebook, I rediscovered The Exchange. How could I forget The Exchange?! I’ve been to plenty of parties there over the last couple of years and they are the same people who orchestrate Cityscape. I visited one day a month or so ago and beyond the legos, gorgeous light, old brick walls and….light up dance floor? 

Hell. Yes.

I know my silly monkey and how much he’d love to cut loose and goofy on a real dance floor. He did not disappoint. 


None of them did, really. 




We did pizza and cake and Lego.





I did not authorize the black icing, but he certainly approved.


I don’t know where to fit this pic in, but it was too good not to include. This was a spontaneous meditation before commandeering the dance floor.


And this is him 7 1/2 years ago.

All charm

I need to go lie down now. ::whimper::

Snow is falling in Oklahoma City

It is suddenly, unexpectedly, pouring snow here today. I’m in the den curled up under a blanket where I can watch the flakes fall on the other side of the French doors. Coffee by my side. But I’m not really here.

I’m in rural Lincoln County, 25 years ago, sitting on my grandma’s sofa looking out her glass storm door. There’s still coffee (there was ALWAYS coffee) but the view is better. The shrubs that separate her long driveway from the cattle pasture are catching the white puffs and the yard is yards of uninterrupted white. Once the snow lets up she’ll throw some bird seed from the covered porch, because let’s think about this, nothing is prettier than a brightly colored bird snacking on a pretty white yard.

In a few minutes we’ll stuff our feet into boots and wrap up in some of the old coats stuffed into the back porch closet. Most of them smell like feed and sweat and fresh air, which is to say they all smell like Grandpa. We’ll bundle up in that protection to head out to gather a big bowl of snow for ice cream.

The day is simple and comforting. I’m glad I can remember it.

Ok, FINE. A post about how busy I’ve been.

Well, I have.

I have been busy.

And I’ve ALSO been busy trying to get less busy. That has to count for something.


Since August:

  • The company I work for opened a new restaurant (a second location of existing concept).
  • 10 Day Vacation: It was awesome! But you know how you have to work extra (personally and professionally) to take vacation? And then to recover from it? Yeah…that’s why you still haven’t seen my food pics yet.
  • 3 of our 4 kids had birthdays.
  • Hosted 3 or 4 parties outside of those birthdays.
  • I lost 30%-40% of my hair. No….really. I’ll have to tell y’all about that sometime.
  • Camp Mighty.
  • Halloween.
  • Thanksgiving.
  • Black Friday. Just kidding, I started my shopping 2 days ago.
  • Opening ANOTHER restaurant in less than 2 weeks. Brand-new concept, the most ambitious one we’ve ever done and one of, if not the, most ambitious ones our city will have seen. I’ll write more about that soon.
  • Made 42 pounds of toffee (in the last two weeks)
  • Like any good blogger, there are always a few things that can’t go on the blog. Those things have been happening, too.
  • And trying like hell to engage in taking better care of myself. That could mean a cardio regimen or yoga or eating more plants or making time to laugh with my friends or slowing down to enjoy my kids or practicing self compassion. That last one is hard, y’all.
  • Of course there’s the million other things, too.





Troopers! #turkeytango

What I did today! #gomighty #charitywater #brunch


I’m taking it a day at a time and hoping the intensity is temporary. ::fingers crossed::

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