Tornadoes suck.

Oklahoma was struck with tornadoes on Sunday and Monday this week. It’s terrible. The sadness is everywhere. The hope and human spirit is everywhere, too. 

I have friends who lost their home on Monday. Friends who had a baby about two weeks ago and have spent every day since at the children’s hospital because their son’s birth went awry. I’m going to assume that seeing Baby was the reason they weren’t at home on Monday when the tornado tore through their neighborhood. I’m having a hard time understanding how people get through two, severe blows like that. And why they have to. 

First, I’m listing my friends’ donation pages. If you want to give directly to some seriously awesome people who have been through too damn much, give to them:

Or here are other ways to give and help if you are so inclined. I plan to give in several of these places and a few others. 

Donations of $10 to assist those affected by the tornado can be made by texting STORM to 80888 for Salvation Army, texting REDCROSS to 90999 for Red Cross, or by texting FOOD to 32333 for the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank. Make online gifts here…

DONATE: American Red Cross

DONATE: Salvation Army

DONATE: Oklahoma Regional Food Bank

 If you’re near Oklahoma, grab some work gloves and start driving. There’s plenty to do all over. If you need a place to crash while you’re doing that, my door is open. 

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