Holy lord, I NEED this dog.

I found this barely-written post in my draft archive and thought I’d post it for you. It’s a little relevant as I am seriously searching my heart to see if it has room for a dog.

Who am I kidding… my heart has room for ALL THE DOGS. What I am searching my soul for is if my bank account has room for a pet deposit and my schedule has time for proper love and affection for a fur child. In my opinion, dogs are family members and have to be respected as such. S/he won’t live in a back yard or be chained to any post. Dogs belong on laps and sofas, in the front seat of cars and on the patio for happy hour. But I am still deciding. In the meantime, I’ve started a Pinterest board so you can see my taste in fur babies.

Pinterest: Adoptable Dogs in Oklahoma

Back to the dog post from nearly a year ago… Last year when we were still in Lincoln Terrace, the kids and I walked to the Governor’s Mansion on for an annual event. It was there that I met this dog. He is Murphy.

He was the size of a love sofa. 

IMG_4638 copy

His hands were the size of throw pillows.

IMG_4638 copy copy

He was as chill as a fat cat.

IMG_4638 copy copy copy

But the face of a puppy.

IMG_4638 copy copy copy copy

And those eyes.

UPDATE: I need a dog.

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  1. You do need a dog, as all people do. ๐Ÿ™‚ She doesn’t match your fur baby type according to pinterest, but I am fostering a border collie puppy if you get a wild hair. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But seriously. Dogs are good for the soul. I can’t begin to say what my dogs have done for my mental health over the past year.

    Also- MURPHY’S FACE.


      “You guys don’t mind if I just lay here and spoon your dog, do you? Cool. Didn’t think so.” UGH, he was so sweet and giant and furry. Someone on Twitter identified him as Bernese Mountain Dog.

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