Holy lord, I NEED this dog.

I found this barely-written post in my draft archive and thought I’d post it for you. It’s a little relevant as I am seriously searching my heart to see if it has room for a dog.

Who am I kidding… my heart has room for ALL THE DOGS. What I am searching my soul for is if my bank account has room for a pet deposit and my schedule has time for proper love and affection for a fur child. In my opinion, dogs are family members and have to be respected as such. S/he won’t live in a back yard or be chained to any post. Dogs belong on laps and sofas, in the front seat of cars and on the patio for happy hour. But I am still deciding. In the meantime, I’ve started a Pinterest board so you can see my taste in fur babies.

Pinterest: Adoptable Dogs in Oklahoma

Back to the dog post from nearly a year ago… Last year when we were still in Lincoln Terrace, the kids and I walked to the Governor’s Mansion on for an annual event. It was there that I met this dog. He is Murphy.

He was the size of a love sofa. 

IMG_4638 copy

His hands were the size of throw pillows.

IMG_4638 copy copy

He was as chill as a fat cat.

IMG_4638 copy copy copy

But the face of a puppy.

IMG_4638 copy copy copy copy

And those eyes.

UPDATE: I need a dog.

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